August 4, 2020


Call for participation!

Kronstadt Congress 2021
Anarchist movements and perspectives today
03 – 06 June 2021 in Berlin

We have a desire for a life free of domination, for possibilities to develop freely, to take responsibility for each other. However, we are confronted with many faces of direct and indirect repression. Wage labour, prisons, the residence obligation, gender roles or the coercion to capitalist self-optimization, which gradually leads to exhaustion and only serves to perpetuate power-political positions. Ecological consequences of this system logic, which puts profits first, are bulldozed villages for mining, nitrate-contaminated soils, polluted water and a collapsing climate, to name but a few. When we consider the state of the world today, with its social neglect, ecological and economic problems, revolutionary perspectives are more compelling than ever. Yet, existing theories and practices often lack anti-colonial and queer-feminist perspectives, and also exclude living beings and perspectives due to many other blind spots.

Just like the Kronstadt workers and soldiers, who 100 years ago fought for self-governing structures and social organization beyond the state with their slogan „All power to the councils, no power to the party“, we advocate in their tradition for building society from below. In order to bring together different anti-authoritarian movements and currents, we offer a platform in June 2021 with an anarchist congress in Berlin. We want to engage with all those who are tired of hearing the conventional authoritarian answers to the crises. Liberation from any domination will never come from social democracy, parliamentarism or even post-Leninist cults! Instead we want to discuss different perspectives of self-management, concepts of mutual help and cooperation and resistant forms of domination-free struggles and let something new emerge. We do not want to deliver ready-made answers, but want to find them together with all curious people. In doing so, we are guided by the courage to want to see where we are in our diversity, and, much more, where we want to go from here.

It is about our future! We need you, your participation and your criticism, your courage and your desire!

Taking up the tradition of past Kronstadt Congresses in Berlin – these took place in 1971 and 1981 – we are planning a supra-regional meeting of groups and individuals committed to libertarian ideas from June 3 to 6, 2021. The program currently focuses on ecology, housing and work, although we are open to recent developments and other topics. Common to all contributions is an anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian perspective, as well as the goal of establishing a queer-feminist and anti-colonial practice.

We are planning a diverse program of theoretical, practical, and creative events that serve to inform, network, and discuss. But also a colorful cultural and family program with music, performances and artistic workshops, as well as distris/bookstalls, community kitchen and café operations will be provided.

We are looking forward to your contributions to the congress and are looking for groups and people who want to participate in the general organization and realization of the congress. You are welcome to suggest contributions to the program or take on tasks such as coordinating the café, a vegan küfa unit or stall, etc. A sleeping place service will be organized.

It is important to us to facilitate an in-depth discussion, but we also want to keep the congress open to a wide variety of desires. Therefore, the contributions should be designed to include participation, accessibility and inclusivity. For this purpose, it is important to us that we document and record results, discussions, contributions, questions and answers at the congress, so that things won’t need to keep being repeated and the congress can unfold its lasting effect.

We look forward to your participation! Please send feedback to:

The preparation group