August 4, 2020


In 2021 the third Kronstadt Congress will take place in Berlin from 3rd untill the 6th of June. For this, we are looking back at the Kronstadt-congresses which took place here in 1971 and 1981.

Call for contributions

“All power to the councils, no power to the Party!”, under this slogan the sailors and workers of Krontstadt in 1921, during the Russian Revolution, demanded an end to the repression of the social movements in the country and fought for a self-determined future.

Spring 2021 it is a 100 years since the Konstadt-rebellion. We are looking at the present and see a rising pressure on societies worldwide, in which social movements are trying to find their way. In the last years we have seen an unprecedented amount of uprisings and social movements, like Black Lives Matter, Fridays for Future, #MeToo and Ni una Menos. These movements respond to different problems, however share one common feature: they are mostly self-organized and decentral. This means they are not following singular leading figures and are plural in their imaginations and actions. The (far) right, reactionary and authoritarian currents are however trying to present themselves as if they have all the answers to the social problems or divert attention – this trough misinformation and powerplay. They try to channel the hopelessness of people for their own gains.

We can however find alternatives for a free and just society, and follow that path together. We invite you to take part in the Kronstadt Congress from 3rd till the 5th of June to bring together answers to the important questions of our time, to connect with each other and find libertarian approaches to support social movements.

The focus of the Congress will be on ecology, labor and housing, in which anti-capitalist, feminist and anti-racist perspectives will have special attention. We will however also remain open for pressing political developments and other topics.  There will be introductions to make sure everyone is on a similar level and will be able to find the courage to partake like the sailors and workers of Kronstadt did. We wish a diverse program in which also music, performance and art have a place.

For this, we are still looking for people and groups to partake in the preparations for the Congress. We are looking forward for your contributions to the program. You can join in the preparations and help shape the program, coordinate the café, the vegan food or help coordinate the distribution of sleeping spaces.

We want to create a space for deep discussions, but also want to make sure to give way to a diversity of needs. Therefore the contributions to the program should participatory, accessible and inclusive. We want to document the discussions, outcomes, contributions, questions and answers of the Congress, so that the Congress has a lasting effect and discussions are going forward instead of repeating themselves.

We look forward for your messages! These can be send to:

The organizational team